It is necessary to enrich the general cultural offer, in order to ensure that the inevitable process of increasing specialisation makes these interdisciplinary exchanges even more difficult. [...] The role and the vitality of a College have to be assessed by the College’s value in cultural life promotion.
Emilio Gabba, in Il Collegio Nuovo. Dieci anni, edited by Paola Bernardi, 1988.

The cultural program of the Collegio Nuovo testifies to the social trends and the scientific achievements in both the national and international milieu. Keynote speakers offer significant accounts of their professional commitment and life experiences, ranging from the world of arts and sciences to politics and business and culture at large.

In addition to Nobel Laureates Rita Levi Montalcini and Joshua Lederberg, the College hosted meetings with numerous keynote speakers, most of all presented by notable Professors of the University of Pavia.

As a concrete sign of attention to women’s empowerment strategies, many of the hosts are female pioneer leaders. For further info, see Women’s leadership and empowerment

Most of the meetings are recorded on audiotape; since 2009 also videos are available. Many publications present a collection of the conference’s reviews, starting from the literary accounts “Lessons of the XX Century”, edited by professors of Pavia University Gianfranca Lavezzi, Anna Modena and Carla Riccardi (1990).

Alumna Lucia Pick edited a collection of lessons held by Emilio Gabba, the internationally renowned Professor in Roman history, who has also been on the College’s Administration Board for more than 30 years and has led a very important role in the College’s cultural life promoted by the Rector Bernardi.

Two interdisciplinary collections of conferences hosted by Collegio Nuovo, covering two decades (1996-2007) were edited by three other College’s Alumnae: Grazia Bruttocao, Emmanuela Carbè and Saskia Avalle, current Cultural and Academic Coordinator of the Collegio Nuovo.

Look up on the conference’s calendar for in-depth-insights on a variety of topical evens!

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