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Alumna Blerida Banushi first author of a study on the ARC Syndrome
July 20th 2016 Nature Communications
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Alumna Blerida Banushi  (Biology) was admitted to the Collegio Nuovo in 2004 with a full scholarship over the five years of BSc and Masters and an additional grant for her PhD at UCL. "The many other facilities and the outstanding organization of the 'collegio' system, have allowed me to approach the study with no other concerns. And I had the opportunity to meet some wonderful people", she wrote in the College's magazine in 2009.

Barbara Casadei, President Elect European Society of Cardiology
One of the first Alumnae of the Collegio Nuovo

Look at the Portrait of a lady in the lab - "Professor Casadei sees her career as one that has evolved naturally, punctuated with a few “defining moments” such as enrolling at the Collegio Nuovo in Pavia and the move to Oxford". Read more here
Now President Elect at ESC Board 2016-2018

Your New College at a glance
Your home in Italy
Having never been to Pavia before, I was pleasantly surprised at the city atmosphere and the long history of top-notch education at the University of Pavia.
Hannah Goldstein, Barnard College – Columbia University, New York

Collegio Nuovo allowed me to meet people from all over Italy as well as the rest of the world.
Mabel Asensio Sevilla, University of Salamanca, Spain

At Collegio Nuovo I learned the importance of being free in my choices, especially in the professional ones. I will treasure the experience!
Aiko Iwatsuki, Ochanomizu University, Tokyo

I found Collegio Nuovo to be an internationally-oriented institution.
Alexa Jackson,  Wellesley College, USA

It is no exaggeration to say that in real measure I owe my success in the field of Italian studies to the time I spent at the Collegio Nuovo. There blossomed a vivid intellectual life of conferences and rich collegiality.
Rodica Diaconescu-Blumenfeld,  Vassar College, USA


University of Ghent and Collegio Nuovo
 “Testo e politesto. Riflessioni teoriche e analisi di casi di studio tra letteratura e arti”: The third edition of the International Spring School in Italian Studies organized by Mara Santi (Ghent University) in collaboration with the Collegio Nuovo starts on Monday April 4th. Participants from Ghent, Amsterdam, Leiden, Liege and Aachen gather for an intensive one-week course. Plenary lectures and workshops are delivered by scholars from the Universities of Ghent, Louvain-la-Neuve, Utrecht, Groningen, Warwick and Pavia. The School also offers a visit to the Center of Manuscripts of Modern and Contemporary Authors of the University of Pavia and a walking tour to historic Pavia (The Original History Walks®), along with a meeting with a senior editor of FrancoAngeli publishing company



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