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Communication skills in Medicine
Claire G Nicholl - Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge University
 An interview to our Visiting Professor 2014-15, Claire G Nicholl, in a course accredited by the University of Pavia: 

The second edition of the International Spring School in Italian Studies will start on Monday April 13th. Students from Italian Studies Departments of Ghent, Louvain-La-Neuve, Utrecht and Groningen will gather at the Collegio Nuovo for a week of lessons and workshops, both in Pavia and in Milan. The School is preceded by the first workshop reserved to Faculty of  Italian Studies Departments of the Universities in Belgium, The Netherlands, France and Italy.


London Symposium: Dissent Conscience and the Wall
Political Student Elena Bernini was selected to join the first Symposium in London (November 29th 2014) of the EU funded Project Dissent Conscience and the Wall. Learn more here
Once back to CN, she delivered a presentation on her experience to her College mates, giving useful tips also on essay writing. Meeting moderator: EucA Ambassador Sara Franzone.

Nov. 27th, 2014 - Fabiola Gianotti, CERN Incoming Director
The first woman to be Director of CERN (Geneva); Member of the UN Scientific Advisory Board
Nov. 27th 2014 (9 pm): Collegio Nuovo is proud to host  as keynote speaker Fabiola Gianotti, the first woman who will hold the position of Director of the CERN. She is also one of the 26 scientists from all over the world to be nominated as member of the newly established United Nations Scientific Advisory Board.
The meeting, open to the public, will be presented by Adele Rimoldi, University of Pavia Professor of Nuclear Physics and INFN Researcher for both CERN (Geneva) and CNAO, the National Centre of Hadron Therapy specialised in cutting edge translational research, based in Pavia.
This event is the fourth of the series of conferences "Women in Science: how we started, how we are working, how we approach the future" promoted by the Collegio Nuovo; other keynote speakers were: virologist Ilaria Capua, Penn Vet Leadership Award; immunologist Maria Grazia Roncarolo, former Scientific Director of the S. Raffaele Institute; astrophysicist Simonetta Di Pippo, Director UN Office for Outer Space Affairs.

Warsaw University of Technology and EU Project Management
Three Collegio Nuovo Students - Sara Franzone (Political Sciences), Marianna Gortan (Medicine), Ludovica Tursini (Political Sciences) selected to attend the annual festival of Warsaw University of Technology - WUT (November 14-15th 2014). On this occasion they will also take part in a workshop on the project management  and writing of projects within the framework of the European Union call for proposals. WUT is a founder member of EucA.

Tursini's account: What I appreciated most of this experience in Warsaw was the visit to P&G where a woman from the staff explained to us what to be a leader actually means. It was very useful to understand how important is to make people be self-confident and to encourage them - by doing they can gain results more easily: that is the role of a good leader. Another useful activity was the workshop consisting in making up a project to be submitted to the UE. We were in groups of four people and we had to think about every aspect of the project and then present it in few minutes after that they had taught us the right method to do that. It was a funny way to learn how to behave in this kind of situations meanwhile knowing people from other countries and their way of thinking.

International Global Summit on Student Affairs and Services
Rome October 22nd-24th 2014
Collegio Nuovo took part in the International Global Summit on Student Affairs and Services, promoted by NASPA, IASAS and EucA: discussions of the delegates from all over the world focused on the trends in Higher Education, with regard to the competences useful to the students' employability. EU Representatives and HR professionals of global enteprises contributed to the panel of the Summit. Learn more.
MIT delegates held also a presentation for the Italian Conference of Merit based Colleges (CCUM) which followed up to their visit to a number of Colleges in Rome (Celimontano - RUI) and in Pavia (Collegio Ghislieri and Collegio Nuovo). Official greetings, on behalf of the President of the CCUM, Angelo Caloia (Collegio Borromeo President, Pavia) were given by Prof. Donato Firrao, VicePresident of the Conference and President of the Collegio Einaudi (Turin).

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge MA visits our College
Two MIT delegates, together with EucA Staff Representatives, meet Collegio Nuovo President and Rector
Judy Robinson, Senior Associate Dean of Student Life and Julie Rothhaar, Assistant Dean Residential Life Programs came to Pavia to visit also the Collegio Nuovo. On this occasion they met President Anna Malacrida and Rector Paola Bernardi, together with Cultural and Academic Coordinator Saskia Avalle. The College featured the accounts of students: Eleonora Aiello – Engineering: Collegio Nuovo Students’ Representative: How we contribute to the students’ community team building; Sara Franzone – Political Sciences: My experiences as EucA Ambassador: strategies to develop soft skills; Simona Cavasio – Law: My experience with the Women in Public Service Project; Elena Bernini – Political Sciences: My experience as Barnard VISP Student and at the Insight Dubai Program; Martina Comparelli, Political Sciences: My experience at Ochanomizu University and the decision to apply for Barnard VISP Program; Chiara Rossi – Medicine and Surgery: Peer to peer Tutorship: how it works; Linda Santini – Economics : College’s cultural life impact.

Voices and Visions: WEW Student's On line Magazine
Capua's revolutionary decision
Read the contribution of our student Linda Santini (Economics) to the WEW Student's magazine: selected for the issue September 2014 


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