Thanks also to the global consciousness of the Founder, Sandra Bruni Mattei, being a Collegio Nuovo Student means both to live in an international milieu in Pavia and to have unique study abroad opportunities. To date, over 60% of the College students’ body was awarded support, also in financial terms, to attend study abroad programs, also thanks to the strong international community of Alumnae and College’s friends.

During the academic year 2013-14 more than twenty study abroad opportunities were seized in a dozen of different international institutions, both in Europe and worldwide.

In the College’s historical timeline, agreements were signed in Europe (Mainz, Heidelberg, Cambridge), in the United States (New York), Japan (Tokyo), and China (Shandong). Also worth mentioning are the numerous partnerships developed thanks to the participation, as Executive member, in the Women’s Education Worldwide network, founded by Mount Holyoke and Smith Colleges, which spread the College’s activity also in other countries, such as the Emirates.

However, the College reinforced its presence also in Europe, by joining, through the Italian network of merit based Colleges, the network European University College’s Association.

In recognition of the relevance of the College’s international agreements, the University of Pavia awards to both incoming and outgoing students the “Exchange Student” status.

The Collegio Nuovo and all its students and Alumnae can well assert that they have travelled… around the world!

Timeline: then and now 1978: setting the stage - 1980’s: first agreements - 1990: building bridges - The new millenium, beyond Europe, around the world


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