Many international students and scholars also have the opportunity to experience the enriching atmosphere of the College.

Living in a college was a new experience for me. I thought it was a perfect combination of independence and security for a period as important as my student days. At Collegio Nuovo, I found all the necessary tools for studying but also for my own personal enrichment. It allowed me to meet people from all over Italy as well as the rest of the world. However, I can’t talk about Collegio Nuovo as if I were talking about one of the many things that I encountered in Italy, it wasn’t just a room to stay in, it was my home.
Mabel Asensio Sevilla, University of Salamanca

I suppose, among the guests from foreign countries I am the only one who stayed longest in Collegio Nuovo. I do remember very well 8th of Jan. 1986, the day I arrived at the College after completing my Ph.D in Turkey. I had a grant through the ICTP (International Center of Theoretic Physics) and was oriented to Pavia University. It was the first time that I stayed in the College for the whole year. During the following years I returned to Pavia and stayed in the College several times each time being very happy. The splendid hospitality, the gentleness of the staff, the warm atmosphere of friendship, the stimulating atmosphere of study offered always made me feel at home. I have made wonderful friendships with whom I still continue to be in touch.
Fugen Tabak, University of Ankara

Collegio Nuovo who took me in twice: in 1980 and in 1993 during two sabbatical years. Surrounded by young students from various faculties, in particular of Medicine, who accepted me as part of the group and also surrounded by the kindness of all the staff, the Collegio offered me the ideal environment to dedicate myself to my research projects. In addition to all the facilities that it offered me to work, what I remember most is the atmosphere of serious work – in order to stay there, students have to excel in their studies – and at the same time of willingness to share friendly moments and entertainment in the free-time, chatting with people about interesting topics, exchanging books or making comments on them, or just going to the cinema. Moreover, the Collegio offered numerous cultural activities that contributed to enrich our horizons with pleasant possibilities.
Sofia Kantor, Hebrew Universiy of Jerusalem

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Thanks to an agreement with the University of Pavia, the College has been home to the Foundation Year program for Saudi Arabian high school students preparing for medical school entrance exams. These students stayed in Collegio Nuovo for a year, taking science, medicine, and mathematics courses, as well as English and Italian classes, at the University.

In recognition of the relevance of the College’s international agreements, the University of Pavia awards to both incoming and outgoing students the “Exchange Student” status. This agreement represents just one more step the College has taken after the many already made... and the many soon to come!

In 2011 Collegio Nuovo hosted the WEW Student Leadership Conference: all 5 continents with 41 international participants selected from 18 institutions took part in the initiative: see here to know more. The College is planning another meeting reserved to students to be held in June 2015.

In 2014 the College hosted the first International Spring School Pavia 2014: Faculty members and students from the Universities of Ghent, Utrecht, Leiden, Edinburgh, Perugia and Pavia gathered for a pilot project organised by the University of Ghent in collaboration with the Collegio Nuovo. Among the Faculty members of the University of Ghent, was also Professor Mara Santi who is a Collegio Nuovo Alumna. Students had the opportunity to deepen their Italian language and literature competence, meet writers (Marco Malvaldi, Kaha Mohamed Aden) and journalists, discuss on films, interact with Collegio Nuovo students, visit University libraries and the Research Center of Literary Manuscripts of the University of Pavia.

"Pavia is the ideal place for this kind of projects" said one of the international students "and the Collegio has been a unique experience!"


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