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When I entered the College, from the thousands of proposals (conferences, sports, language courses…)  I would have chosen… all of them! Only with the passing of time I learnt to choose: choose the activities to take part in and also choose whom to spend time with, to assess when and the people to study with, which exam marks to accept and, from the thousands of courses… prepared by the cook, choose the favourite one: a choice, this latter, which turned out to be particularly difficult! Who knows me knows very well how many wrong choices I made – not least the choice to take “all” the cook’s dishes! – nevertheless it is exactly for this reason that I thank my College. You gave me the opportunity to experiment adult’s life and to be mistaken, but always without letting “too much” harm come to me.
Anna Lanzani, Global Marketing Director, Delverde S.p.A.

Collegio Nuovo takes part in the annual orientation events organised by the University of Pavia (Infoday, Porte Aperte) and by the IUSS. 
High School students enrolled in their final years are welcomed to experience College life: they are hosted for two days in a “room of one’s own” and guided by a group of College students.
For further information:

Once the freshmen enter the College, they are tutored by senior students. Meetings in small groups, according to the disciplinary area, are held, with the possibility also of a one-to-one tutorship. Students Representatives, elected by the college’s community, facilitate the integration of the new students.

Language courses
Thanks to the international College’s network, foreign international students hold language courses (mainly English and German) both individually and in small groups. A wonderful opportunity to share and exchange different cultures, by watching a movie, reading a review or a book, having a conversation!

Academic courses acknowledged by the University of Pavia
More than 300 hours of lectures every year: this is what the College offers and promotes in a variety of topics and accredited by the University. For further info: Culture and Academy.

Leadership seminars, gender training and mainstreaming
Collegio Nuovo’s core mission is fostering women’s talent and merit. Aware of the growing position of women in society, the Founder laid the basis for the creation of a rich and stimulating international environment, in which dedication, diversity, creativity, and cross-disciplinary expertise allow the students to develop all-round skills aiming at standards of quality and excellence. Among the initiatives undertaken … See more here:

Conferences with leading figures from the worlds of culture, arts, science, research, politics, business and industry
Topical events and trends, cultural insights: open also to the general public, meetings at Collegio Nuovo feature prominent hosts such as: Nobel Prize Rita Levi-Montalcini and Penn Vett Leadesrship Award Ilaria Capua, writers David Grossman, Dacia Maraini and Niccolò Ammaniti, Inge Feltrinelli “Queen of Publishing Business”, journalist globe-trotter Beppe Severgnini, film director Liliana Cavani and Gabriele Salvatores, Robert Kahn, Internet pioneer, Lella Golfo, President of the Fondazione Marisa Bellisario, a network of businesswomen....
See more here: Culture and Accademy e Publications

A way to empower leadership skills, playing in team: See more here: sport

Music and theatre
A number of season tickets and free entrances for musical and theatrical events in Pavia (Teatro Fraschini – since XVIII century) are at the student’s disposal. In College students have the possibility also to play piano.

Mentorship e vocational guidance
Also in collaboration with the Alumnae Association, soft skills seminars are held in the College, focusing mainly on career guidance, public speaking, cv writing and job interview, financial education and intercultural soft skills workshops. Aware of the importance of a global education, Collegio Nuovo supports its students and Alumnae also in study abroad experiences. See more here: Culture and academyWomen’s empowerment, Round the world and Student life - Services

College life allowed me also to learn to live alone, to schedule my priority list, College life gave me dearest friends with whom I shared much more than only study commitment: I learnt from them the words of pain, emotion and of debate, the laughter and the silence, I learnt to keep quiet when I disagreed and to stand up when my dissent originated from experience. I believe I had the best occasion to get close to freedom without misusing it.
Grazia Bruttocao, Rector’s Spokesperson, University of Pavia

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