On March 15, 2024 (13.30pm EST), the Dean of the New College, Paola Bernardi, returns to Ochanomizu University in Tokyo, as a speaker at an international symposium on women's leadership in academia.

The conference includes interventions by Presidents/Rectors of the partner institutions of the Japanese University, such as Elizabeth Bradley, President of Vassar College (USA) and Yasuko Sasaki herself, President of the University of Ochanomizu (Japan), promoter of the initiative; There will also be a video message from the President of Wellesley College (USA), Paula Johnson.

Japan, according to the Global Gender Gap Report 2023 ranking (125th place), needs an increase in female representation in leadership roles. During the symposium, the interventions will focus on leadership and university education, considering the perspective of DE&I (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion). There will also be a Q&A session moderated by the prof. Kyoko Yamakoshi.

Registration: https://shorturl.at/diBV9 by March 8th for in-person or online participation.
Info:  gwl-office@cc.ocha.ac.jp
Website: https://www.ocha.ac.jp/event/summit2023_en.html