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Collegio Nuovo – Fondazione Sandra e Enea Mattei

A woman, an enterprise founded with her husband: the choice to invest on talent and merit
Since 1978, an example of shared leadership, in an open-minded global milieu.

Collegio Nuovo was established by Sandra Bruni Mattei, an industrial entrepreneur. Her aim was to encourage and financially support the social and cultural development of talented and motivated female undergraduates enrolled at the University of Pavia.

Collegio Nuovo was among the very first Italian University Colleges to be acknowledged by the Ministry of Education, University and Research as a Center of Educational Excellence, by a decree of the President of the Italian Republic, Sandro Pertini.

It is a founding member of the IUSS Institute for Advanced Study, which offers advanced international undergraduate and graduate programs. Approximately 40% of the Collegio Nuovo students are also enrolled at the IUSS.  

As a member of the Conference of the University Colleges (CCUM)  legally recognized by the Ministry of Education, University and Research  (14 institutions, 4 of which in Pavia),  the College participated in the foundation, in 2008, of  EUCA – European University Colleges Association, a network of approximately 200 Colleges in 10 European countries.

An important landmark in the internationalization path of the Collegio Nuovo since its foundation was the signing of the first agreement with prestigious Universities abroad in 1981. The College has been promoting study abroad scholarships also for graduate Alumnae ever since.

From there on Collegio Nuovo established numerous partnerships with foreign institutions from the US to the Far East.

This open-minded and forward-looking model of global education, focused on young women, laid the basis for the invitation to participate as executive member in WEW (Women’s Education Worldwide). Founded by Mount Holyoke and Smith Colleges, two of the original “seven sisters” of the U.S. higher education, WEW is an international net which counts among sixty institutions all over the world committed to women’s education. So far the College has hosted two international meetings reserved to the network members.

In 2013 the Collegio Nuovo became an active collaborating institution of the Women in Public Service Project (WPSP), a program launched by Hillary Clinton, whose aim is to empower the next generation of women leaders around the world.

The College provides comfortable living and studying conditions: a modern environment with a friendly atmosphere in which social and cultural life thrive alongside academic endeavour. Its cultural program complements the academic activities carried out at the University of Pavia: the College has become a cultural point of encounter not only for the University students, but also for the city and its surroundings, up to Milan.

Set in a spacious parkland in the heart of a new area housing the University’s medical, scientific and technological departments, and within short reach of the historical city’s centre, the College hosts 115 Italian and foreign female students who excel in the selection procedure demonstrating ability, dedication and social skills. A co-ed Graduate Residence, in the same campus, hosts also visiting scholars and professors from all over the world.

All these actions contribute to the College’s Founder mission: to foster women’s talent in an open-minded and international context
Collegio Nuovo | Fondazione Sandra e Enea Mattei | Pavia | C.F. 80015430186