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From “Incontri conviviali al Collegio Nuovo”, edited by  Grazia Bruttocao, 2004

Rector Paola Bernardi - Foreword:

When, once the Collegio started its activity in 1978, experienced Rectors warned me of the importance of the refectory service, I found this advice a bit of an oversimplification . Now, after 26 years, I recognize its value. I place students side by side to the hosts and the friends who share their culture during the convivial moments at the Collegio. This is because mealtime is really one of the most relevant community moments, when one more easily and spontaneously exchanges ideas and knowledge. And the more the food  is tasty and of good quality, the more the pleasure of staying together enhances the cohesion between tablemates.
The first supper with the Founder, as the first College Chef, for more than 30 years, Gianni Antonelli recalls:

  • Do you remember the first supper held in College?
    Unfogettable! There were the Founder, Mrs Mattei, a group of nine hosts, among whom Prof. Aurelio Bernardi e Prof. Alberto Gigli-Berzolari, and six students.
    The afternoon before Mrs Mattei came to greet me: “Do not worry about the menu – she said -  look, I love spaghetti with tomato sauce, roast meat with potatoes and shortbread”. Yes, the menu was “ready”, but I had not the necessary utensils yet. Thus I prepared shortbread in an aluminium pan. A five centimeter thick cake was the result!

A recipe, among the favourites of a Professor who considered the College one of the best restaurants in Pavia:

Pasta with sardines

300 g pasta “bucatini” style; 350 gr fresh sardines; 30 gr. raisin sultana; 30 gr. pine nuts; 200 gr sweet fennel (foeniculum vulgare); 1 shallot; extra virgin olive oil; 1/2 glass of white dry wine; salt and pepper q.s.

Clean,  wash  and cut the sardines into fillets. Stew the sweet fennel, squeeze it out and chop it up.
Cut the shallot into slices and fry it over low heat. Add the sardines, the minced sweet fennel and the pine nuts. Mix well paying attention to keep the sardines from getting too much broken. Cook for 5 minutes, then blend with white dry wine, and cook for 10 minutes more. Add salt and pepper as tasted e use the sauce to dress the spaghetti. Pasta has to be in the meantime stewed in hot boiling salted water!

“Staff: Riccardo Tidone (Chef de cuisine), Leonardo Coccu, Maria Pia Barbarini, Luigi Bianchi, Maria Rosa Geracitano

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