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Living in a college was a new experience for me. I thought it was a perfect combination of independence and security for a period as important as my student days. At Collegio Nuovo, I found all the necessary tools for studying but also for my own personal enrichment. It allowed me to meet people from all over Italy as well as the rest of the world. But I can’t talk about Collegio Nuovo as if I were talking about one of the many things that I encountered in Italy, it wasn’t just a room to stay in, it was my home.
Mabel Asensio Sevilla, University of Salamanca

Collegio Nuovo guarantees privileged conditions of life and study, based on merit, in a stimulating and friendly atmosphere.

Comfortable housing structures, equipped with modern didactical facilities and free Internet access, are offered: students are all accommodated in single rooms with a private bathroom and have exclusive access to a canteen service, computer, music and television rooms, gyms and soccer fields, gardens and ample green spaces. Not to mention the library with numerous books and magazines: a pleasant place to study together.

Visiting international students have the possibility of teaching language courses and introducing their culture to the other students; tutors guide freshers in their first steps in the academic challenges; team captains promote the participation in the tournaments between Colleges.

Everyone has the chance to feel like a part of a prominent community which is also the first nucleus of an important worldwide professional network.

Living and studying at the Collegio Nuovo means to participate in the everyday life of a network of Colleges and of a prestigious University (since 1361) which offers a wide range of courses. Some of the degrees have lectures held in English for an international audience.

Staying at the Collegio Nuovo means also to study in a historical town, as testified by its magnificent Romanesque churches and the “Broletto” - the medieval seat of the municipality and actual home of the the Institute for Advanced Study - the Theatre of the XVIII century, the Visconti Castle and the world renowned Certosa di Pavia, close to the Collegio.

Spending your time at the Collegio Nuovo as a visiting student, scholar or professor, is a chance to have a quiet place to concentrate on your studies, without being far away from the lively cosmopolitan city of Milan.

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