Pubblicazioni del Collegio

Collegio Nuovo goes international

edited by Paola Bernardi and Saskia Avalle
(With the contribution of Fondazione Cariplo and in collaboration with UBI – Banca Regionale Europea)

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Introduction – Bruna Bruni and Paola Bernardi

Collegio Nuovo goes international
The cosmopolitan spirit of the Founder
Foreign students
1978 – 1987. Becoming international before the Erasmus programme
1988 – 1997. Expansion of the exchange programme
1998 – 2007. From exchange to a network
Grants for study abroad
The first five exchange posts and grants abroad: Germany and England
1988 – 1997. Numbers of Collegio students abroad more than doubled
1998 – 2007. Learning a foreign language, and more
To graduate and leave, sometimes to return
New Hall, Cambridge
WEW Network and beyond
List of foreign institutions

Our International Institutional Partners and Friends
Anne Lonsdale, President of New Hall, University of Cambridge

Our Alumnae tell
Talking about peace in Mall of Emirates, Dubai.
Interview to Naseem Mohammed Rafee
Management and Research. Interview to Michela Bertero
About Collegio Nuovo
Cultural and academic activities
Student life
Governance and staff
The Pavia System
University of Pavia
IUSS – Institute for Advanced Study
Pavia, the city